Regardless of whether you are deploying the Community Version autonomously or utilising Arcavias with an extended support package as either an “Enterprise” or a “Professional” Arcavias is always available to you as a full version. The majority of its features may be obtained free of charge. You decide on the deployment and scope of your Open Source product.

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High performance

Performance is key and the faster the shop, the higher the potential sales volume. Also, customers don't want to wait at all, especially not in a web shop as the next one is only one click away!

The Arcavias e-commerce framework delivers highest performance by using the fastest data structures and providing a highly optimized code base. Thus, even on small hardware all non-cacheable search requests only last a few 100 milliseconds without additional tuning. Try the integrated benchmark suite on your hardware yourself!

Integrates into web sites and applications easily

One of the most outstanding advantage of the e-commerce framework is the clear separation of the e-commerce library, the administration interface and the frontend. This enables everyone to integrate Arcavias into existing systems without the need of using bridges which exchange pre-rendered HTML code.

Integration can be done either by calling the objects and methods of the library directly or by creating a suitable communication interface between the library and the existing frontend. The second possibility is can be used to communicate via a REST-like interface to frontends implemented in other languages like Java.

Component-based framework

Arcavias is a component-based framework that tries to minimize dependencies between the different implementation domains. Those components only interact via well defined interfaces and this makes them exchangeable by other implementations very easily.

As even the core components can be exchanged, it's possible to create applications that are not related to any e-commerce systems any more. In principle, everything that is based on lists and detail views can be build upon the framework, like portals for cars or real estate. We are sure that you will be able to create applications that are far beyond our current imagination.

Open Source LGPLv3 licensed

We believe in the strength of Open Source Software and think that this is the way how software should be developed. Available source code is a big advantage for all of us.

Open Source helps to make software better, not only by containing less bugs but also by providing the possibility to be extended by everyone who is interested in. And additionally, the LGPLv3 license ensures that changes are available at the same conditions while still enabling everyone to provide commercial extension.

PHP 5 based

PHP is a general-purpose, server-side scripting language that is widely-used and especially suited for the development of web applications.

Especially PHP5 strong support for object-oriented development and fast development cycles results in low time-to-market values. In combination with the availability on all well-known operating systems, PHP can be really considered as one of the major languages of the web.

High-quality, object-oriented concepts and code

Extending and maintaining software is only productive when code is understandable and a few concepts are repeatably used throughout the code.

Arcavias is build upon well-known design patterns and consists of state of the art, object-oriented code that leads to a high quality code base. Development with the e-commerce framework shall be hassle-free and therefore documentation of all classes and methods is included as well.

Automated unit tests

Nothing is worse than errors popping up again or features, which are not working any more after changing another piece of code. Such regressions make developers less productive by forcing them to hunt bugs instead of creating new features.

Unit tests, executed after every implementation task reduces the risk of introducing regressions and each found problem can be fixed immediately. The current Arcavias code base contains more than 1200 test methods with 4100 assertions in total and a code coverage of over 80% which make it one of the most tested code base available.

Continuous upgrade from earlier versions

New versions will contain new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The e-commerce library provides a convenient way for upgrading the database structures and content from every previous version - even if you've used any revision from the SVN repository.

All-round carefree package

We support permanently the further development of your software. In addition to a professional platform for your web appearance we are also pleased to offer you our operating and maintenance services.

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