Arcavias – High Performance E-Commerce

Arcavias is a modular stack of components that consists of four parts:

  • The library providing e-commerce related functionality like product and order management and which abstracts from the stored data
  • A desktop-like administration interface for managing products, delivery and payment, orders, etc. that is build upon the library
  • Extension modules that are able to add more functionality to the library and the administration interface or replace existing ones
  • A front-end that builds the user interface for the customers and implements controllers using the library to access the data

Currently, the package available for download consists of the e-commerce library and the administration interface. The Subversion repository contains also a small ZendFramework demo application for developers as reference.

We are also working on a front-end for the TYPO3 content management system that will be available for free later on. Additional enterprise related functionality is part of commercial extensions provided by Metaways.

Arcavias – the Advantages
  • Open Source based software
  • High performance, reliable, flexible
  • Integration into customer-specific applications

More advantages

Arcavias – the Features
  • Multiple shops per installation
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Desktop-like administration interface

More features

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