ARCAVIAS – New Arcavias core release "CeBIT 2013"


Also this year the CeBIT came in quick steps and arrived completely by surprise! Nevertheless, we managed to get a new Arcavias core ready before and it was extended to make your live easier.

The biggest improvements are for sure the new checkout process including the payment and customizable confirmation e-mail templates, the small basket, the quick search with auto-completion and the extended list view in the HTML client. Everything is fully translatable and there's no more need to implement this on your own. Simple times have arrived for developers who would like to integrate Arcavias!

Additionally, first steps were made to create optimal output for search engines in the HTML clients. The implementation of the catalog filter was improved too, especially the performance and configurability after the tree manager got some extended options. You can see the results in our ZF demo application available in the GitHub repository.

We are also making progress in removing the dependencies to the ZF framework in the Arcavias core. As a first step, a drop-in replacement for the Zend configuration object solely based on arrays was implemented in combination with a local memory cache.

Last but not least, also a new service provider for the direct debit payment method was added. This enables you to offer more payment options to you customers.

The new version is available now at

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