ARCAVIAS - Release 0.7.0 of Arcavias TYPO3 Extension


New Features - Strong Security - Better Usability - Higher Performance 

The detail view of a product supports now displaying selection products with all corresponding information. They are products which only differ in properties like size and color. The catalog manager is capable of inheriting category trees from parent sites.

The TYPO3 extension is ready for applying a Content security policy (CSP) to prevent cross site scripting. The Javascript code of an attacker won't be executed any more on the shop sites. Along with CSP comes a strict separation of content from the HTML code and the JavaScript code from external files.

Editors can overwrite translations and configure jQuery via TypoScript. Customers experience user friendly error messages in the basket and an easier navigation through the checkout process.

The bootstrapping of all Arcavias TYPO3 plugins happens only once per page. Also the classes are loaded much faster using the Composer class map and the RealURL configuration was optimized, resulting in a significantly higher performance.

Dependencies are now managed by Composer. We also removed most of the Zend Framework and unnecessary ExtJS files. So the file size of the Arcavias TYPO3 extension is reduced remarkably.

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