ARCAVIAS – New Arcavias core release "2013-05"


It's all about making things simple and therefore, we are using the infrastructure of for all our translations now. Being able to contribute to Arcavias was never easier than before! Simply register on and enjoy the ease of adding your own language to Arcavias or fix existing translations.

Due to this, internationalization of Arcavias made a big step forward! The front-end generated by the HTML client is now fully translatable as well as the error messages of the other layers in the Arcavias software stack. We provide a complete translation to German within this release. Translations can also be overwritten by extensions and are cached by APC - just like the configuration.

The HTML client got much love too. Not only that consumers can see their order history now, the release also contains everything to handle hidden product attributes per ordered product. VAT is displayed in all locations where ordered products are shown. Together with usability improvements and leveraging HTML5 where reasonable, these enhancements are a big plus for all users of an Arcavias based shop.

Thanks to several user requests, the HTML client contains some additional options to tailor the output to your needs. The fields in the address page of the checkout process can be configured as well as the values of the salutation. Also there's now an option to disable the included jQuery-UI library in favour of your own one.

The new version is available at 

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