ARCAVIAS – happy new year release


Despite of the end of the Maya calender, the development of the Arcavias core hasn't stopped and the new year release contains a bunch of improvements.

The HTML client was extended by a basket implementation with all necessary functionality and it can be integrated as easily as the catalog parts. Also, a translation infrastructure for the HTML client was added to the core together with the German translation file.

Many improvements have also been made in the administration interface. Especially the possibility to overwrite the main tabs with own implementations in extension is worth noting. The first version of a new panel for managing sites and their configuration was added too.

Steps have been done to allow building market places by using Arcavias. The library is ready, but the admin interface needs some more polish. It's scalability has been improved to be able to handle large amounts of data in all panels.

Dear Visitor

our website will soon be available for mobile services.

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