High-security encryption for e-commerce: Metaways introduces new Arcavias Release: Metaways stellt neues Arcavias-Release vor


With this release Metaways offers a commercial Arcavias extension to provide high security encryption for sensitive, payment related data like direct debit details of customers. Data are encrypted by a public GnuPG key before they are stored in a database. Decrypting the data is only possible with the corresponding private key that is not stored on the same server. This prevents attackers from using the information for fraud or for analysis.

Further improvements of the new release of Arcavias concerning the infrastructure of the solution: Order e-mails can be automatically sent to customers, e.g. when the payment status has changed or the delivery process has started. The connection to PayPal was completed, so that subsequent amendments to the payment status will be registered by the shop. Updating the catalog index takes less than an hour - even with more than 100.000 products in the database. Developers can now create the basic structure for a new extension through the „phing“ command, so they can focus on their new code.

The improvements in the front end provide an easier operation for the visitors. They include, among others, the implementation of a session-related dynamic range for user content, such as the recently viewed items. Furthermore, product placement for popular and recommended products have been added. Plus, HTML can now be used in product names.

The administration interface has been improved, too, so that administrators can work more efficiently with Arcavias. The language selection for the administration interface can be restricted and invalid UTF-8 characters in text content are removed automatically, so that text can be copied from Microsoft Word without any problems now. By using a status flag, all associations like texts and images to products can be disabled now without deleting.

"Encryption is an essential need in e-commerce these days," said Norbert Sendetzky, Product Manager Arcavias at Metaways. "By using public and private keys based on the free cryptography system GnuPG we can provide highest security without compromise - even against savvy attackers."

The new Arcavias core release is available now and can be downloaded from http://www.arcavias.com/download.html.

For more information and commercial services to the open source shop system are under http://www.arcavias.com.

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