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Hamburg, 2nd December 2013 - Metaways extended the Open Source shop system Arcavias for TYPO3 and increased the usability.

The last beta version of the Open Source e-commerce framework Arcavias for TYPO3 is as of now available in the TYPO3 Extension Repository. The full service IT provider Metaways located in Hamburg equipped the software in release 0.9 among other improvements with a faceted search. Customers of Arcavias shops can use it to filter products according to attributes like colours and sizes and thus get faster what they want.

Other improvements increase the usability of the software. The Arcavias TYPO3 Extension offers customers, who visit an Arcavias shop with Internet Explorer 11, the possibility to navigate through the product lists like in a book with "flip ahead browsing". Furthermore the PayPal Express configuration is now more convenient for shop owners due to multiple default settings.

Editors' work becomes easier with the new release, too. The system displays a message automatically, if a time out occurs in a list view of the administration interface. Besides this a configuration infrastructure is now available in the Arcavias TYPO3 Extension which allows the administration interface to be customized to wishes of the editors.

As another improvement, the e-commerce framework now supports the latest versions of the TYPO3 extensions required by Arcavias. In addition new flexform settings enable the shop system to send the URL for automatic payment status updates to payment partners without any need of further configuration.

The new release 0.9 of Arcavias TYPO3 is as of now available free of charge and can be either retrieved from the TYPO3 Extension Repository or downloaded from

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