ARCAVIAS - new Arcavias core release 2013.09


New features for customers and shop owners

Arcavias offers now a detail view of product variants in the front end. All available sizes and colours of a product are displayed to the customer. The product availability is indicated by stock levels in list and detail view, too. During the checkout process articles no longer in stock or with changed prices are highlighted in the basket and an explaining message appears. Additionally, customers do not need to edit their profile to store a new delivery address any more, it's automatically saved for registered users during the checkout process.

Shop owners can protect themselves against default in payment with checking the order history of each customer. If there are orders due for payment, Arcavias can be configured to restrict the payment options to a specified list, for example. Furthermore, additional payment methods like direct debit can be offered when a customer reaches a certain amount of paid orders. Besides this, an extended plugin provides the possibility to apply maximum and minimum limits to the basket, so that only a certain count of products and a certain order value is allowed.

The administration interface now supports the management of text and media types extending the possibilities for shop owners to configure the shop system. Last but not least, a controler infrastructure was implemented in the code for cron job management.

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