Metaways releases new version of Tine 2.0 Business Edition

Thu, 16.01.2014

The business version of the Open Source groupware Tine 2.0 is now available in a new version. The solution developed by Metaways contains comprehensive service and support services....[more]

High-security encryption for e-commerce: Metaways introduces new Arcavias Release: Metaways stellt neues Arcavias-Release vor

Mon, 13.01.2014

Metaways has introduced a new core release of Arcavias. The open-source e-commerce framework offers many new features in particular an asymmetric high-security encryption for payment-related data....[more]

Tine 2.0 at Univention Summit in Bremen

Wed, 08.01.2014

On Thursday, January 16th, you can meet our colleagues Lars, Cornelius and Christian at the Univention Summit in Bremen. The Summit will be held at "Die Glocke", starting at 10.00 clock. We are looking look forward to many interesting conversations! ...[more]

Tine 2.0 integrated in the Univention Corporate Server

Wed, 08.01.2014

The open source groupware Tine 2.0 is now available for download in the Univention App Center. The main developer of Tine 2.0, Metaways in Hamburg, is represented as a sponsor on the Univention Summit 2014. ...[more]

Tine 2.0 & Crowdfunding

Mon, 09.12.2013

Your vote counts! At the end the year we would like for your opinion! Help us to decide which features should be developed in 2014. Participate in our survey and become a part of the project! ...[more]

Arcavias TYPO3 searches now for details

Mon, 02.12.2013

Metaways extended the Open Source shop system Arcavias for TYPO3 and increased the usability....[more]

Automated Load and Function Tests in Amazon Cloud

Thu, 31.10.2013

With the help of Amazon-Cloud technologies and a combination of software solutions load and function test can be widely automated. With the result that the tests can be done in significantly higher rate and are much less expensive....[more]

Tine 2.0 supports Active Directory

Thu, 24.10.2013

Metaways published a new major release of the Open Source groupware Tine 2.0org named „Collin“. Amongst other things the supported infrastructures were extended considerably....[more]

Tine 2.0 and Brazil – a strong connection

Tue, 22.10.2013

At the first German-Brazilian Tine 2.0 developer meeting we welcomed the Brazilian team in the Hamburg Speicherstadt. To meet the other developers at SERPRO Lars Kneschke was invited by SERPRO to attend the CONSEGI, a Brazilian conference....[more]

Service release for open source groupware Tine 2.0 (version "Kristina")

Thu, 19.09.2013

This service release fixes 21 bugs in the current stable release Kristina (2013.03). ...[more]

ARCAVIAS - new Arcavias core release 2013.09

Thu, 05.09.2013

New features for customers and shop owners...[more]

Tine 2.0 - Brazilian Administration relies on Open Source

Thu, 18.07.2013

Not just the summerly temperatures brought some of Copacabana into Hamburgs speicherstadt last week, a good deal more came from the visit of three Brazilian Tine 2.0 developers on behalf of the federal agency....[more]

With Tineo, we actively support a project adressing animal welfare by WWF

Thu, 11.07.2013

Participate now – is currently the predominant motto at Metaways, because 'give and take' are the classic rules of the game of open source....[more]

ARCAVIAS – New release improves Arcavias TYPO3 extension

Wed, 29.05.2013

Metaways presents the next Arcavias TYPO3 Extension release. It offers many innovations for the TYPO3 version of the open source shop system....[more]

ARCAVIAS – New Arcavias core release "2013-05"

Tue, 30.04.2013

It's all about making things simple and therefore, we are using the infrastructure of for all our translations now. Being able to contribute to Arcavias was never easier than before! Simply register on and enjoy the ease of adding your own language to Arcavias or fix existing translations. ...[more]

ARCAVIAS – New Arcavias core release "CeBIT 2013"

Tue, 26.02.2013

Also this year the CeBIT came in quick steps and arrived completely by surprise! Nevertheless, we managed to get a new Arcavias core ready before and it was extended to make your live easier....[more]

TINE 2.0 – Metaways presents a new Major Release of Open-Source-Groupware Tine 2.0

Tue, 26.02.2013

Metaways has released a new Major Release of Tine 2.0. The Hamburg Full-Service IT Provider now provides the Open-Source-Groupware as a software service....[more]

METAWAYS – at the CeBIT 2013

Tue, 15.01.2013

This year we will again be participating at the CeBIT with our Open Source products. In line with the motto „Open Source for your Business“ we look forward to constructive talks dealing with the subjects of quality and assertiveness of Open Source software in the business environment. ...[more]

ARCAVIAS – happy new year release

Mon, 07.01.2013

Despite of the end of the Maya calender, the development of the Arcavias core hasn't stopped and the new year release contains a bunch of improvements....[more]

Metaways greets the Ecologic Institut

Thu, 29.11.2012

With Tine 2.0, a web-based GroupWare solution is made available to the Ecologic Institut, which combines the functionalities of classical e-mail and calendar administration programs with area-specific applications....[more]

TINE 2.0 – next version of the Open-Source-Groupware

Tue, 23.10.2012

Hamburg, 24th October 2012 – The Full-Service-IT-Provider Metaways published the new Release 2012.10 of Tine 2.0 under the name “Joey“. In the development of the web-based Open-Source-Groupware-Solution the focus was especially on the usability and the data analysis....[more]

METAWAYS - Call of the island | TYPO3camp Mallorca

Thu, 27.09.2012

The island calls - A report of 1st international TYPO3camp Mallorca! “THE island” means the popular mediterranean island of Mallorca, which was the venue of the 1st International TYPO3camp in the middle of September 2012....[more]

METAWAYS – Hamburg Ruby Community as Guest

Fri, 21.09.2012

For the second time already, members of the Hamburg Ruby community have gathered in our rooms located in the historic warehouse district in Hamburg....[more]

METAWAYS - at Software Freedom Day 2012

Fri, 14.09.2012

Metaways support the Software Freedom Day. As Hamburg IT Company that deals primarily with open source products we support this growing open source event as a sponsor....[more]

New Release „2012-09“ for Arcavias available

Fri, 31.08.2012

Arcavias improves shop performance and optimizes appearance of 1,000,000 (!) product articles...[more]


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