Arcavias TYPO3

Name: Arcavias TYPO3 1.0.2
Release date: 30-06-14
Download: arcavias_1.0.2.t3x
SHA1 hash: e79063f2acc7caece3d5c2556a930cf50993c922

Arcavias Core

Name: Arcavias Core 2014.07
Release date: 02-07-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.07.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: bfaba0836977c094d22a445df9fc48014a328a3a

Arcavias Demo

Name: Arcavias Demo 2014.07
Release date: 02-07-14
Download: arcavias-demo_2014.07.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: e65e916b4850fe2fcc4f318f80574f720bc7cc34


Arcavias TYPO3

Name: Arcavias TYPO3 1.1.0
Release date: 02-06-14
SHA1 hash: a94698cc533c54640cd11b67d95ba54b2c919b70
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 1.0.1
Release date: 30-04-14
Download: arcavias_1.0.1.t3x
SHA1 hash: 59bedce82db21421a366e1f5b56c31b13c04647e
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 1.0.0
Release date: 02-04-14
Download: arcavias_1.0.0.t3x
SHA1 hash: 1f21e29873d58cda167e0d24a68aad6e39d72884
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 0.10.0
Release date: 03-02-14
Download: arcavias_0.10.0.t3x
SHA1 hash: 05d8427051867209cd26c966b248c547cd6dddac
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 0.9.1
Release date: 16-12-13
Download: arcavias_0.9.1.t3x
SHA1 hash: c4fd3a1eba6d3b3035e4d58c8f35e8b1d6a3249b
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 0.8.0
Release date: 01-10-13
Download: arcavias-typo3_0.8.0.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 69a2640375681e8899070d70d84eab0042c22231
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 0.7.0
Release date: 01-08-13
Download: arcavias-typo3_0.7.0.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 551476847b47f35815a3f3fc771f6896dc9b89c2
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 0.6.1
Release date: 17-06-13
Download: arcavias-typo3_0.6.1.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 33328d597c8e613fa8b4134119661db27fefe27b
Name: Arcavias TYPO3 0.5.0
Release date: 01-03-13
Download: arcavias-typo3_0.5.0.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 303b16555e6e47a09a6f23ad9ac96b75cd61c043

Arcavias Core

Name: Arcavias Core 2014.05
Release date: 06-05-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.05.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 38aff07d121f3f72d6ac1668b55804b37369feb9
Name: Arcavias Core 2014.03.3
Release date: 30-04-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.03.3.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: e598055bc623b3d902c6ba5fb4e77b82a535d61a
Name: Arcavias Core 2014.03.2
Release date: 02-04-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.03.2.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 15ed7d5de74ef76b075e898dfbd556e01fa9b2cb
Name: Arcavias Core 2014.03.1
Release date: 17-03-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.03.1.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: b9227a303ce4d133890ffdbd07394cbd88a6e206
Name: Arcavias core 2014.03
Release date: 05-03-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.03.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 00e0f25b85dc0f4d96593094aa1ae7dedc18405a
Name: Arcavias Core 2014.01.1
Release date: 20-01-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.01.1.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 3c4c5d9e6767d23e79b8f0b94afe8a1eb8edd538
Name: Arcavias core 2014.01
Release date: 07-01-14
Download: arcavias-core_2014.01.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 37b7b3fa0bdd4803b4a2a0883ef8004094e039c8
Name: Arcavias core 2013.11.1
Release date: 13-11-13
Download: arcavias-core_2013.11.1.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 94f7cc16311664e2ec864c22b25552713699640f
Name: Arcavias core 2013.09
Release date: 02-09-13
Download: arcavias-core_2013.09.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 1c49b405380146b2b1a75cbc42f0a7d58de51f18
Name: Arcavias core 2013.07.1
Release date: 15-07-13
Download: arcavias-core_2013.07.1.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: b1db36a5219707ecbde5e68b8151d530e8aa4704
Name: Arcavias core 2013-05
Release date: 30-04-13
Download: arcavias-core_2013-05.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 4d86ba6ffb17c76960199edd8e008d8f34d4b9b5
Name: Arcavias core 2013-03
Release date: 28-02-13
Download: arcavias-core_2013-03.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 1a545f6e9ca3edde5af328aec43e0a4dd477d0e4
Name: Arcavias core 2013-01
Release date: 02-01-13
Download: arcavias-core_2013-01.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 3db71551a93959f602490a710ac7b528
Name: Arcavias core 2012-11
Release date: 01-11-12
Download: arcavias-core_2012-11.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 3d89429e7235c0c23c792b137c13a8e2c3c10cc8
Name: Arcavias core 2012-09
Release date: 31-08-12
Download: arcavias-core_2012-09.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: b8a3927862e6a10a92ddf43e5dc3ef037a957c52
Name: Arcavias core 2012-07
Release date: 02-07-12
Download: arcavias-core_2012-07.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: bacb806a5f88a30794aa72dab5dcc43b4d49ee82
Name: Arcavias core 2012-05
Release date: 27-04-12
Download: arcavias-core_2012-05.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 690e15ed5a541653826debe428dca20f0eb44b80
Name: Arcavias core 2012-03
Release date: 29-02-12
Download: arcavias-core_2012-03.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: c5515fb071bf0e0c358c5c700d0659ebf37150d7

Arcavias Demo

Name: Arcavias Demo 2014.05
Release date: 06-05-14
Download: arcavias-demo_2014.05.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 94e3da19e269f3f9502d0b2492199f7425d9982a
Name: Arcavias Demo 2014.03.1
Release date: 17-03-14
Download: arcavias-demo_2014.03.1.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 1af01c9c4355a9e99918142794f74507d418624b
Name: Arcavias Demo 2014.03
Release date: 05-03-14
Download: arcavias-demo_2014.03.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: 8a0f361eb8601e65a89edb104df91a482df29d2f
Name: Arcavias Demo 2014.01.1
Release date: 20-01-14
Download: arcavias-demo_2014.01.1.tar.bz2
SHA1 hash: b9c1929119483b030415b9a5d31b6e4afcdbd794
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